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>> good morning. coming up another showdown is brewing in washington as president obama prepares to name his pick for the next secretary of deaf. today new details in the case against james holmes in the case of the movie theater shooting that killed 12 people at a colorado theater. plus hillary clinton gets back to work. what prince charles worries about. and a kangaroo on the loose. where else but australia. "early today" starts right now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> a very good morning to you. the white house confirmed today president obama will announce former nebraska senator chuck hagel as secretary of defense. it will be a rough road to confirmation for the vietnam vet who outspokenly posed the iraq war. meanwhile white house officials tell nbc news that mr. obama will also nominate his counterterrorism adviser, john brennan as the next cia chief. we're just learning that. tracie potts has more from washington on both nominations for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the brennan announcement we just got early th
anticipated return of "downton abbey." >>> good evening. president obama is back from his vacation tonight and fresh off the fiscal showdown, he is already girding for what's expected to be the next political showdown. tonight, nbc news can confirm he will wade right back into the fray tomorrow by nominating former senator chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. at face value, the pick of a longtime republican lawmaker for the job could be seen as a rare act of bipartisanship in a sharply divided town. but tonight, opponents on both sides of the aisle are sharpening their claws for what could be a testy confirmation fight. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us from washington now with more. hello, peter. >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. with the fiscal cliff crisis barely in our rearview mirror, the white house's decision to pick chuck hagel as secretary of defense is likely to ignite a contentious confirmation battle. congress is out of session this week, but already, talk of the pick is generating stiff opposition. fresh off his hawaiian vacation, presiden
, better known as obama care. we get an explanation here tonight from nbc's lisa myers. >> reporter: as a pediatrician, dr. jan mayzell knows all about rising medical costs but she was stunned to discover the cost of her own health insurance is going up a whopping 25% this year. >> i'm impacting my ability to retire because i'm depleting my savings to keep this health insurance. >> reporter: some insurance companies in california including anthem blue cross, aetna and blue shield of california are proposing rate increases of 20% or more for some individual customers. today the california insurance commissioner deemed one proposed group increase unreasonable and accused companies are trying to maximize profits. >> it's a disaster. it explains why we have 6 million to 7 million californians who simply can't afford health insurance and it's not going to get any better. >> reporter: and it's not just california. in florida and ohio, insurers have instituted double-digit rate increases. new york, which unlike california has power to roll back rates has generally held increases below 10%.
. the package passed in the senate this afternoon and now needs to be signed by president obama. >> it's official, barack obama won the presidency in november. it happened just today, the final votes were counted. it's a constitutional formality, the electoral college votes were counted, 332 for president obama and 206 for governor romney. when it comes to the popular vote, we did learn history was made today. president obama won more than 50% of the total vote, that marks the first time since president eisenhower was re-elected that the president has won more than half of the popular vote twice. >>> and take a look at this picture, it's of the historically large number of women in congress. but it's been doctored. san francisco congress woman nancy pelosi admitted to photoshoping four of the congress women, they were running late, and she defended saying it was a accurate historical record of who the democratic women of congress were. they were late so they added the fo four later. >> they do that. they have the technology to do that and jeff has the technology to forecast the weather
but you and i are still going to pay more. >>> president obama enjoys shaved ice. joe biden puts his foot in his mouth yet again. and the sharks are circling. and what show is not complete without a cow that looks like a horse. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" january 4th, 2013. >>> good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. the december jobs report will be released today and in spite of the challenges of the fiscal cliff and hurricane sandy, economists are predicting 150,000 new jobs. that will remain at 7.7% unemployment. nbc's tracie potts is in washington with more on this. >> reporter: mara, good morning. holiday hiring and shopping could also have some play into all that. we'll know in about an hour and a half what those new job numbers look like. 150, 160,000 new jobs is what we're hearing. but the jobless rate 7.7% expected to stay about the same. there are a number of things we do know that could have some impact here, adp says private job growth was about 215,000 in the last month. weekly unemployment claims up about 10,000. we also now know retail sales were up m
day meeting with president obama that starts next week. >> so sobering news from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. 2012 was the hottest year on record in the lower 48 states. with an average temperature at 55.3 degrees. now that shattered the previous record set in 1998 by a full degree while the majority of the country saw above average temperatures including las vegas and boise, cities like los angeles and seattle saw below average readings. 2012 was the second worst year for extreme weather events. human activity especially the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to changes in the u.s. climate. >>> today, the debate over what to do over gun violence continues in washington with the launch of vice president's biden's task force. yesterday, gabrielle giffords marked the two-year anniversary of the shooting which she narrowly survived by joining the call for more action. nbc's tracie potts joins us live with the details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. congresswoman giffords marking the occasion with a push for gun safety. she's going a
with narrow republican support, president obama pleas for bipartisanship on rest of his second-term agenda sbut anyone on capitol hill listening? ready for a run? hillary clinton's home and ready to return to work. is she as ready to mount a run for president? with the travel and stress that would entail? and finally, for the -- 40 years since roe v. wade. the supreme court found a constitutional right to abortion but with states with republican governors there are new barriers to reduce abortion . i'm andrea mitchell. chris is away this week and welcome to the show. with us today "the washington post's" bob woodward. gloria borger. joy reed from msnbc and "time" michael duffley. while most were gratified congress had acted to avert a financial ca taste raef most were discouraged by all the drama. many have been calculating the tax hit they will take under the new law. the president is calculate, the degree of difficulty he faces ahead. >> we is k settle this debate. or at the very least not allow it to be so all consuming all the time. >> let's talk about this. the president wants a legac
the entertainment and video game industry. president obama created the gun task force in response to the newtown, connecticut shooting massacre last month. >> happening in washington today, supreme court arguments on forced blood tests for drunk drivers. the high court deciding if the test constitutes an unreasonable search. the case stems from missouri where prosecutors argue tests are needed because alcohol dissipates quickly in the body. opponents on the other side argue police need a search warrant for blood tests on dui suspects. >> same sex marriage will take center stage at one of the prominent churches. church leaders from the washington national cathedral announced they will perform same sex marriages as an opportunity to break down barriers. the first ceremony could take place within six months. the 105-year-old cathedral has long been a main stay in washington, d.c. hosting presidential inaugural services and state funerals. >> it's 4:49. coming uh, the new tv show aside from "today in the bay" that's caught the eye of president obama. we'll have it for you next. >> and the sweet drin
. brian? >> kristen welker at the white house for us tonight. kristen, thanks. >>> president obama today formally nominated his chief of staff, jack lew, to be the next treasury secretary. as the second-term churn gets under way now. though it looked for a time like the president might nominate susan rice to be his next secretary of state, when that didn't happen, this latest wave of nominees appear to have something in common. and as nbc's andrea mitchell reports tonight, people are noticing. >> reporter: it is the white house photo that could be called all the president's men. adviser valerie jarrett is there, we're told, hidden behind the guys. as president obama filled his top cabinet post with nominees named jack and chuck and john -- >> it's time for me to move on. >> reporter: -- it was like "mad men" goes to washington, except peggy leaving ruth marcus. >> whatever white guy becomes chief of staff, i think it's actually kind of interesting that there are two women who are deputy chiefs of staff and no one has talked about them as possibilities at all. >> reporter: one of the two
obama takes the oath of office for the second time on january 21st. that's down from 2 million people who watched his first inauguration four years ago. >>> we now know who the top two bidders are in the fight to buy wonder bread and other hostess bread brands. flower foods and bimbo are in talks. the brands could go for $350 million. bimbo include thomas english muffins and flower foods includes the brand nature's own. hostess announcing in november it was shutting down its business and selling off bread, snacks and cake brands. >>> 6:14. apple is making its tablets smaller. >> but another is making them bigger. >> yeah. don't want to get too technical here on how big these are. we call it ginormous. they have announced a new tablet it calls the horizon. look at this promotional video. you want a big tablet, they have a big tablet. in fact, drop the t off tablet and you have a table. this thing is 17 pounds. now, this was announced at ces, the consumer electronic show in las vegas. got under way last night. expect all kinds of new gadgets to be unveiled as the conference lasts the re
you. >>> also on the hill today, it became official. president obama won the election back on november 6th. but it wasn't until today that a joint session of congress counted the electoral votes and confirmed the result. obama 332, mitt romney 206. our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd is reporting tonight that the president is expected to nominate chuck hagel for defense secretary early next week after his return from vacation in hawaii. he also reports the white house knows it's going to have a confirmation fight on its hands if hagel gets the nod to replace leon panetta. hagel has strong supporters in the senate. there has also been strong opposition to him on both sides of the aisle. >>> the senior senator from idaho, mike crapo is losing his license for a year after pleading guilty today to a charge of drunk driving in virginia. two days the arrest two days before christmas surprised a lot of people because crapo is a mormon and had said he didn't drink. today he apologized, admitted he drank occasionally and said he had been drinking vodka and toni
obama says he's willing to consider spending cuts separately, but will not bargain over the government's bargaining authorities. >>> so syria now, where the president outlined a road map for peace today, as fighting in the country continued. the u.n. says more than 60,000 people have been killed since the crisis began march 2011. stephanie gosk has more. >> syrian president bashar al assad addressed his country for the first time since june. he's very rarely seen in public. he was greeted by a packed and boifterrous oust tore yum. he blamed the crisis in syria on terrorists, including al qaeda and the countries that continue to fund them. there was little to no mention of the syrians themselves and have picked up arms against the government. assad also proposed a new political initiative that would include a new government a new constitution, and amnesty. he said he would not go forward until the foreign funding of the rebels came to an ened. the european union responded quickly and said, no political solution could move forward until assad himself stepped down. the syrian president ma
the obama white house. the founding fathers never envisioned executive orders being used to restrict our constitutional rights. we live in a republic, not a dictatorship. the president has called for reinstating a ban on assault weapons, and limiting high-capacity magazines. polls show the nation is evenly divided on the issue of new gun laws. at the state capitol in denver, colorado today, gun rights supporters rallied outside, while lawmakers debated on assault weapons bans inside. and in new york, governor andrew cuomo proposed a stricter assault weapons ban during his state of the state address. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle! no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer! and too many innocent people have died already! >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie featured on the cover of "time" this week told matt lauer this morning, a broader approach is needed. >> why do we have such a stigma about mental illness treatment, why aren't we dealing with substance abuse treatment. >> reporter: the president will meet with a number of gun rights advocates, including a representativ
. and president obama just a minute ago nominated jack lew as treasury secretary. we'll take a look at both issues coming up in business. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> nominations for the 85th annual academy awards announced this morning in beverly hills. >> hosts seth macfarlane and emma stone announced the nominees. "lincoln" was the clear winner, receiving 12 nominations, including best picture, best director and best actor, nods for daniel day lewis, sally fields and tommy lee jones. >> "life of pi" came away with 11 nominations. >> here's a complete list of the nominees for best picture. beast of the southern wild, zero dark thirty, lincoln, life of pi, amore, the silver linings playb
.4 to fannie mae. there's a report published monday that says the obama administration spent nearly $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year, more than the spending on all the other major federal law enforcement agencies combined. that is 15 times greater than immigration spending in 1986. the nonpart son migration policy institute says immigration has become the government's highest law enforcement priority. among those likely to be unhappy with this report, critics who say the administration has been soft on immigration violators. >>> president obama meets with his defense secretary today but it's not his new choice for that job, former nebraska senator chuck hagel that has republicans reeling. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on how his pentagon and cia nominations could prompt the next big fight on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we're already seeing democrats and republicans here with concerns about hagel. john brennan, protests by aclu and others on that nomination. protests outside the white house questioning
at the white house president obama will meet with afghan president hamid karzai. they'll talk about the future role of the u.s. in afghanistan. white house officials say president obama will not announce the next round of troop wi wi wi withdraw withdrawals. >>> big weekend for the 49ers coming up. a playoff game with the green bay packers. that means a bet between the city's mayors. we'll tell you about the educational twist this time around. >>> we're giving you a live look at palo alto. peninsula is fine. we'll talk about the traffic on the other side of the bay coming up. >>> welcome back. south bay very clear and very dark and very cold. christina is looking at the cold temperatures for us. we'll talk to her in just a bit. it's 4:52. 49ers fans get ready. tomorrow is the big day. the team takes on the green bay packers at candlestick. >> we now know who will be kicking. jim harbaugh says the original guy, david akers is still his guy despite finding billy cundiff last week. he missed 13 field goals this season but harbaugh says he still feels akers gives the 49ers the best chance to win i
area. tonight, her advice for president obama as the debt ceiling looms overhead. >>> a and the rain has moved on but now clearing skies leading to chilly temperatures around the bay area right now. already down to 34 degrees. the thing that will slow your morning commute, likely to be fog down to a quarter mile in spots. coming up in a forecast, both warm and cold for the bay area. the details coming up when we come right back. >>> another budget battle is shaping up in washington. this one over rizing the debt ceiling. republicans will not agree on taking on more debt without cuts on medicare, medicaid, and other social services. >> i think tax reform ought to be revenue neutral as it was back in the reagan years. we resolved that issue. with don't have this problem because we tax too little. we have it because we spend way, way too much. we settle the tax issue. the question is now can we address the single biggest threat to america's future. that's our excessive spending. >> some say this stand-up could be worse than the fiscal cliff fight. house minority leader nancy pelosi says
obama named former senator chuck hagel out of nebraska for his pick for secretary of defense. the announcement marking one of two potential controversial nominations by the president this afternoon. danielle leigh is in washington and has the latest. >> reporter: president obama officially launched a fight with his pick for secretary of defense, former nebraska senator, chuck hagel. >> willingness to speak his mind, even if it wasn't popular, even if it defied the conventional wisdom. that's exactly the spirit i want on my national security teen. >> reporter: the republican is known as an independent thinker. >> certainly a thorn in the side of political opponents of the president. >> reporter: now haigle is facing criticism from his former republican colleague norse criticizing you the war in iraq, opposing unilateral sanctions against iran and making comments seen by some as anti-israel. gay rights advocates are also critical. 14 years ago, hagel called the u.s. ambassador nominee openly aggressively game he has since apologized. >> dangerous to roll the dice on this issue
an obscure and relatively unused law enforced from now on. >>> and president obama's taking a time-out today to watch a little tv. why he might recognize what he's seeing on the screen. >>> feeding birds and squirrels out in the open in san francisco could soon cost you. bay area animal watchdog groups want city leaders to strongly enforce its law banning that practice. currently anyone caught feeding wild animals in san francisco faces a $187 fine, but activists say it's rarely enforced. it says feeding wild animals could spur a population explosion or lead to aggressive behavior toward people. the city is addressing the issue by launching an educational campaign. >>> all right. my favorite story of the day. he's not a lion, but he certainly looks like one. one virginia dog triggered 911 calls while out on a walk. take a look. this is charles the monarch. he's a labradoodle with an interesting cut. recently police in norfolk, virginia, responded to calls about a lion on the loose. the local paper says officers even called the local zoo to make sure everything was okay. it was. it turned out
. the ayes have it. >> the package easily passed in the senate this afternoon. president obama is expect ed to sign it. northeast lawmakers have been furious at the length of time it's taken to approve funding. it's been over two months since that storm hit. >>> a symbol of strength and courage arrived in newtown, connecticut, today. gabrielle giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly, met with the victims' families this afternoon. 20 students and six staff members were killed at sandy hook elementary. next tuesday will be the second anniversary of the tucson shooting massacre which left giffords partially blind and paralyzed. it's official, barack obama is our next president. today congress officially counted the electoral college votes. president obama captured 332, more than the 270 needed to win. as for the popular vote, obama also won with that. 51% of the vote. mitt romney with 47%. jess? >> thank you very much, janelle. still ahead, turning the bridge into a work of art. how crews are adding hundreds of thousands of lights to the bay bridge and when you can expect to see the fin
. >>> an unusual controversy over president obama's apparent pick for treasury secretary. we'll take a look at business news. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped re
:30. >> the obama administration says it may withdraw all a u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. white house officials said troops would remain in the country long enough to ensure afghan forces maintain their own security but is not ruling out the possibility of e early withdrawal. >> new concerns over boeing's 787 dream liners after two planes suffered mishaps at logan airport in boston. one of the flights was cancelled yesterday after a fuel leak just a day after an electrical fire broke out in another plane after landing on friday. san jose will be the only airport with daily nonstop dream liner service to asia. in time for flu season a new facebook app helps you track down who gave you the flu. the app is called "help i have the flu." it is designed to help track down the suspects responsible for spreading the virus. with a click of a button the app a goes through friends' profiles looking for posts with key words like "flu," or "coughing." it will scan for people who made late night posts. the idea is sleep depry pags puts people at risk for getting sick. >> the company famous fo
makes a visit to the bay area. tonight her advice for president obama as the debt ceiling looms overhead. >>> also -- >> we drove several extra blocks that way to try to find parking. didn't have a meter. it's definitely a hardship. >> and it is day one of new parking rules in one bay area city, and drivers are already feeling very frustrated. we'll explain. >>> and see things switching up in the weather forecast right now too. right now clearing skies, 40s and some low 50s out there as the showers leave the bay area for now. the seven-day forecast is going to go on a roller coaster ride from warming to big-time cooling. we'll show you that when we come right back. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request m
groups to discuss gun violence. the vice president will send his proposal to president obama on tuesday. it's expected to include a stronger background check system and a new ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. the nra released a statement after today's meeting saying, quote, we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. >>> the congressional black caucus is calling on president obama so nominate oakland congresswoman barbara lee as the nation's next labor secretary. current secretary hilda solis announced yesterday she was leaving her position. the 66-year-old lee has been in congress since 1998. >>> don't be surprised if the bay bridge appears to be flashing tonight. testing is set to begin on the bay lights art project. more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the san francisco side of the bridge. crews will run the first expense test tonight. the goal is to make it look as though the bridge is moving and breathing with the environment arou
lawyer says. >> a lot of people talking about that. >>> plus, he's in hawaii now, but president obama is leaving paradise today, headed back to another paradise known as washington where some big fights are coming. ahead, we'll look at the battles the president will face in 2013 and what they mean for you. >>> plus, you've probably seen people sneezing, sniffling, and coughing all around you. the flu season is off to the strongest start in a decade. we'll tell you what you can do that might lower your risk of getting it. and speaking of staying healthy, i recently sat down with dr. mehmet oz to talk starting the year off by making resolutions you can actually keep. and you saw a little bit, he introduced me to the famous green drink. >> he's a big fan of that. >> doesn't look great. >> it tastes pretty good. >> we'll find out. >>> later, controversy surrounding the movie "zero dark thirty," about the raid that killed osama bin laden. lawmakers want to know if the cia misled the filmmakers about what really happened in the hunt for the terror leader. >>> we want to get started this mor
the pinnacles national monument. today, president obama signed a bill making pinnacles the newest national park. how about that? here's the map. just in case you don't know where it is, located just south of salinas, famous for caves and volcanic rock formations and thriving condor population. today it became the atth national park. with that said, you can expect a huge spike in attendance. each year about 200,000 people visit pinnacles compared with the nearly 4 million people hop converge on yosemite every year. get there early because traffic will build up now that the word is out. >> it is a beautiful area. let's check on the bay area where it's going to be cold. >> yeah, that's right. the mercury already dropping. a lot of the rainfall moving out. throughout the grapevine, the southern end of the san joaquin valley, interstate 5 closed for a time throughout today due to heavier snow. that starting to break up. if you have family or friends traveling that way, at least the snow is starting to lessen up. looks like the worst is over but those roads remain very slick. back here across the bay
president obama's potential nominee for secretary of treasury. we'll tell you why coming up in business news. >>> a live look. this is a bus crash on highway in new jersey. obviously the chopper is on scene. somebody getting air lifted because of this accident. it's a school bus, a commuter bus. we are just hearing from our affiliate there in new york that no schoolchildren were actually on that school bus at this time. of course there are injuries to reports. we'll stay on the story and bring you the latest at 6:41. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> we are keeping our eye on this story that's unfolding on highway in new jersey giving you a live look at the chopper that's on scene. it is air lifting somebody from the site of a bus crash that happened on
washington d.c. the nation's capital. president obama will be busy with nominations he's putting into motion. nominating chuck hagel as secretary of state and nominating john brennan for director of cia. tracie potts will be reporting for us live out of washington in about 15 minutes from right now. >>> san jose's newest city council member starts his first day on the job this morning. the first arab american to serve on the san jose city council. he was sworn in yesterday as the district ten representative which includes parts of south san jose. he says he will focus on rebuilding the city's services and making san jose more business friendly. he was raised in san jose and he graduated from san jose state. >>> 5:23. moving day for san francisco's exploratorium. crews will begin moving 450 exhibits from the palace of fine arts to the museum's new home at pier 15. the new facility is three times larger than its current location. work should be done in a few weeks. a grand opening will be held later this april. >>> with the exploratorium soon gone, the old home at the palace of fine arts is on
authors say is inaccurate was the basis for the obama administration's multibillion dollar push for modernizing hospital medical records. where can you save money? today is the first day walmart will sell you an iphone 5 with no contract. $45 a month for unlimited data, talk and text. that's a great deal. i can't speak for coverage. it's through walmart's straight talk service. make no mistake. the iphone 5 is not cheap. it will cost you about $650. the calculation is overall savings is about $1,000 a year. >>> san francisco facing controversy this morning over its decision to pull an award at the consumer electronics show for dish network's new hopper device that allows recording of tv shows. in a press release it says it was asked to pull the award by the parent company cbs, which is suing dish over that same service. dish responded with this statement. we're saddened that staff is being denied the editorial independence because of cbs's heavy handed tactics. >>> jim mcafee back in the news this week. this weekend one of my guests lived with mcafee at his compound with the gir
courtroom. not on the internet. brian moore, nbc news. >>> president obama heads back to washington tomorrow after vacationing with his family in hawaii. one of his priorities is to get congress to lift the federal debt ceiling. in his weekly address, he said he will not compromise on the issues. >> if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills online interesting consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our entire economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> the nation's credit rating was downgraded the last time lawmakers threatened inaction on the debt ceiling in 2011. >>> a whale of a price for a high quality tuna. a bluefin tuna was sold for the egive lenl of $1.7 million in auction in tokyo. the major of the sushi chain was the buyer. he said although the fish was of the highest quality and color, he was surprised at that high purchase price. the fish has already been shipped to the sushi chain where a few lucky customers got
will hold a meeting today with president obama about troop levels. in advance of that he met with secretary of state hillary clinton about handing off security responsibility to afghan forces by 2014. at one point secretary clinton joked about secretary panetta's plans to retire to his walnut farm in california. >> secretary panetta, in addition to his many years of service, is at heart about walnuts. >> clinton and panetta had a private dinner with karzai at the state department. >>> new information about last year's secret service scandal involving prostitutes in colombia. according to a justice department investigation obtained by nbc news, two drug enforcement agents facilitated a sexual encounter between a prostitute and secret service agent just days before the president's visit in april. agents evidently tried to destroy incriminating information or initially lied to investigators about the incident. the case has been referred to the dea. >>> louisiana governor bobby jindal has declared a state of emergency after a severe weather system rolled across the state. security cameras at an
with president obama on friday. >>> new jersey governor chris christie is not happy with the image of himself on the cover of "time" magazine. saying it made him look like a mob boss. that image aside, polls show christie's handling of super storm sandy has made him more popular with democrats than republicans. >>> next, to a disturbing story out of russia. what was supposed to be an enjoyable adventure took a tragic turn as a giant inflatable zorb ball with two men inside veered off course and rolled off a mountain cliff. one man was killed, and the other is in serious condition. >>> off the coast of australia, a man lost control of his boat, fell out and was swimming nearby while the boat was spinning in circles. a police boat was able to rescue the boater and he is reportedly doing well. >>> and a huge doomsday asteroid made a fly-by of the earth last night at a distance of 9 million miles. it's more than 1,000 feet wide. and could hit the earth in the 2036. i certainly hope not. >>> weekly jobless claims, holiday retail sales and earnings from oil giant chevron today. meanwhile, what a di
. >>> how ledgeable is your signature, and why does it concern president obama. it's all about the cabinet member. he will be responsible for domestic, economic and tax policy as well as managing the public debt. lou's signature will be displayed on the newly printed paper money and there in lies the issue. he thought doctors had illegible signature, look at this, this cork crew series of loops, that is how it would work on dollar bills that end up in the wallet. it's believed that lou will have to update his signature as did his predecessor. >>> in health matter, you cannot see it, but it can give you valuable information about the medication you are taking. the first ever edible bar code system, developed right here in the bay area. i'm not sure it looks so tasty. >> it's invisible. but the true tag technology demonstrated it for us today it's fascinating how it works. they found a way to put a bar code full of information on a tinny pill, and they are coated with a special dust, encoded with a unique color combination, that is the edible bar code, a scanner can look at the pill and dete
years. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama in the east room with afghan president, hamid karzai, as they conclude their press conference, after a long meeting, the two had their ninth summit meeting over the course of this war and the president's first term, most notable out of those comments, the president saying that this war will come in his words, to a responsible end by the end of next year. but this spring, the u.s. role will notably change, with a different mings that afghan forces will be in the lead, no longer u.s. forces. as our pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski reminds me, they will still very much be in harm's way in afghanistan and the contentious question of how many troops wil be left behind by the united states after 2014 is still very much the subject of negotiations, more on all of this tonight, on nbc nightly news with brian williams and on "meet the press" on sunday, my guest, colin powell talking about the war and other foreign policy issues on the president's second term. until then, have a good afternoon, i'm david gregory in washingto
president joe biden sits down with represents from the national rifle association. this as the obama administration looks to curb gun violence after the wake of the deadly school shooting in connecticut. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. the vice president's gun violence task force has a full day of meetings scheduled, bringing in hunters, members of gun rights groups, also members of the entertainment industry, but the day may be highlighted by the afternoon session that's going to include the nra. the white house trying to keep the gun safety debate in america's sights, today hosting the nra. one of the country's most powerful lobbying groups that's long opposed many of the very proposals the white house is now considering. >> the president and i are determined to take action. we're reaching out to all parties. >> i was one of the few survivors in the virginia tech shooting. >> colin goddard, with three bullets still in his body, is featured in the documentary "living for 32." >> people tell me that god was looking out for me that day, that's why i'm her
.8%, as well. well, after a painful and protracted battle in government, president obama signed a compromise bill avoiding the fiscal cliff. it makes the bush era tax cuts permanent except for individualses with incomes over $400,000. it also extends jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed, allows the payroll tax holiday to expire which, by the way, raises social security taxes by 2% for everybody. the measure increases taxes on capital gains and dividends to 20% to those making other than $400,000. reaction from business was fierce. >> it's amazing how the politicians on both sides of the aisle were talking about how the bill to address the fiscal cliff needed to be balanced, and what came out couldn't have been more imbalanced by definition but nothing but tax increases. >> we have to get something within a couple of months because all we did was push the cataclysm out a couple of months before we have to address the issues again. >> i'm encouraged in one sense, in that at least the vast majority of american taxpayers will know what their rates will be and there's not that much of an
, reddit is so big, president obama is a reddit user. the site, part of the conde naft publishing empire. one posting a down on his luck musician, holding an appeal for help inspired reddit users to take action. they're raising funds to help blues man lester chambers who said he was cheated by the record companies go back into the studio to record a new album. ♪ >> the driving force behind that effort is reddit cofounder alexis ohanian. an outspoken critic. business insider called him one of the superheroes of the internet. all of a sudden, i see reddit everywhere. the growth kev must be tremendous four. >> it has been pretty significant. but it hasn't been that sort of hockey stick growth. it's been really steady. it grows every week. >> it's not brand-new. a lot of people think it is. >> that was a big day for us. you notice all of the people just now learning about it, are probably getting a lot less productive. we have been around slowly eating away at the whole world. >> that control situation, was there a lot of backlash because of that? >> you know, not a lot in the sense that i
congress. washington is getting back to work as president obama ended his hawaii vacation and members of the 113th congress were sworn in earlier this week alongside their families. spirits high, but the battle lines for the tough fights ahead are already being drawn. chief among them whether congress will vote to raise the country's debt ceiling. shortly after lawmakers reached a down to the wire deal on taxes to pull the country back from the fiscal cliff earlier this week, the president tried to preempt the debt limit showdown by firing a warning shot at republicans. he reiterated that call yesterday. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether congress should pay the tab for a bill already racked up. the congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the results for the global economy could be catastrophic. >> congress has vowed to use the upcoming votes to get more spending cuts to entitlement programs like medicare. some are threatening a government shutdown. in a moment, we'll talk to alan simpson and erskine bowles about where they see
the shooting and told them his apartment was bobby rapid. he faces the death penalty. >>> president obama appears ready for battle after appointing a republican to be the next defense secretary. the president has nominated former republican senator chuck hagel l. ironically the biggest opposition may come from hagel's own party. several republicans are attacking hagel for criticizing the iraq war, opposing sanctions against iran and making comments that some describe as being anti-israeli. the entire defense secretary leon panetta has praised him as a decorated war veteran who was well qualified for the defense job. >> secretary of state hillary clinton returned to the state department today. it's her first time back at work since early last month. that's when she suffered a concussion and ultimately a blood clot in her head that required hospitalization. clinton will leave her post after president obama's inauguration later this month. the president has nominated senator john kerry to replace her. >>> still ahead, how could it happen? the investigative unit asks why a south bay school di
that dangerous game again. >> president obama also says he's looking forward to working with new congress to continue to boost the economy and shrink federal deficits. >>> president obama's 2008 election campaign was fined by the federal elections commission and it's one of the largest fines ever levied. the s.e.c. fined the campaign $375,000 for failing to report the identities of donors who contributed $2 million in the final weeks before the election. the fines followed an s.e.c. audit after complaints by the republican national committee and other groups. >>> we've got lots more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up, it's one of the island's newest treasures. the one major problem that's threatening this treasure island statue. >>> and in san francisco, you've got the clouds, but the rain for the most part is to the south. some rain is still falling in san jose. we'll let you know how long the rain will be part of your sunday forecast when we come right back. >> announcer: you are watching "today in the bay." >>> 7:14 is the time. we're getting fantastic pictures in and aroun
obama on wednesday prevents states from keeping a portion of revenue from the federal estate tax. california has not received any revenue from that tax since 2004. but the brown administration included it anyway when coming up with the state's current budget plan. officials projected that they'd receive $335 million from the tax over the next year and a half. a spokesman for brown's administration tells "the l.a. times" they've already figured out a way to get by without that money, but he did not offer any specifics. the governor is expected to unveil his new budget proposal next week. >>> right now meteorologist christina loren sits in with it. the final friday of 2013. and a weekend upon us. what are we looking at? >> we're looking at some showers. rain on the way for the weekend. we'll help you make those outdoor plans nonetheless. i think you'll be aubl to get outdoors for most possibly saturday and sunday. but right now we're tracking some showers. this morning looking so great for outdoor activities on a friday afternoon. it's the warmest day of the week. temperatures now
national security posts. president obama emphasized the two men's personal connections to the organizations he has tapped them to run. chuck hagel would be the first vietnam veteran to head the pentagon. >> to this day, chuck bears the scars and shrapnel in the battles he fought in our name. >> reporter: and john brennan, who spent 25 years at the cia, would now run the agency. >> john has lost colleagues and friends. >> reporter: as demonstrators protested brennen's connection to controversial interrogation techniques like waterboarding that date back to the bush years -- the president moved to head off that criticism. >> he understands, we are a nation of laws. he insists on high and rigorous standards. >> reporter: but it's hagel's nomination that's receiving a decidedly mixed reaction. his flexibility in negotiating with iran. his past statements about israel and about gays all have become lightning rods. many prominent jewish leaders have been offended by comments hagel made in an interview to mid east peace negotiator david aaron miller, describing pro israeli groups as a jewish lobby
, right? >> exactly. >> check back with you in a minute. thank you, christina. >>> president obama meets with leon panetta today. but it's the man he wants to replace panetta who could stir up things on capitol hill. nbc bay area's traciepotts has more on how the cia could prompt the next big fight among lawmakers. >> reporter: protests outside the white house questioning whether john brennan spoke out loudly enough against controversial interrogation tactics. that's why brennan dropped out last time he was considered to head the cia. this time he's courting both sides. >> although i consider myself neither a republican nor a democrat, i very much look forward to working closely with those on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: but brennan's confirmation may not be as tough as chuck hagel's for secretary of defense. >> mr. president, i will always give you my most honest and most informed -- >> as a successful businessman, he also knows even as we make tough fiscal choices, we have to do so wisely. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are concerned hagel is soft on iran and too to ha
the uproar in europe over the official menu for president obama's swearing in luncheon. the menu lists the menu as korbel champagne, california. apparently korbel's use of the word predates a deal that the u.s. signed with the european union in 2006. >>> well, a swing and a miss for barry bonds today. scott reiss joins us next with sports. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >>> hi, everybody, scott reiss here in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. we didn't really expect barry bonds to be a first ballot hall of famer, not with the shroud of steroid use hanging over him. but it really hit home today seeing an incredible class of superstars completely shut out. bonds received just over 36% of the vote from the baseball writers of america. roger clemens 37.6%. sammy sosa j
political battle. president obama announcing today two changes to the national security council. the president is nominating former republican senator from nebraska chuck hagel as the nation's next defense secretary, replacing leon panetta. he also nominated john brennan to lead the cia. both hagel and brennan will face senate confirmation hearings, and republicans are saying both nominees could face congressional opposition. >>> now, hagel would take over for leon panetta who lives in monterey. panetta talked about life after the pentagon. >> the time has come for me to return to my wife, silvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren, and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. >> panetta has served as secretary of defense since 2011. his legny will include overseeing the troop drawdown in afghanistan, the trimming of the defense budget and the death of osama bin laden. >>> a gag gift greeted secretary of state hillary clinton when she got back to work at the state department today. you see this picture here? mrs. clinton got a football helmet with
this morning, president obama is expected to announce his nomination for the next secretary of treasury later today. he's expected to pick current white house chief of staff jack lew. he served as budget director under bill clinton and has been considered the front runner to replace the departing treasury secretary. the 57 year old got his first taste of washington politics in 1973 as a legislative aide. the president has another spot to fill on his cabinet. secretary of labor stepped down yesterday. "the los angeles times" speculates that she left her post to prepare for a run on the l.a. county board of supervisors. that election happens next year. >>> the impact of this year's flu virus being felt had hospital emergency rooms across the country. in boston a public health emergency has been declared with more than 700 cases so far this month alone. flu shots are now being offered for free. the number of doctor visits in boston has doubled in the past four weeks. it is said to be so crowded emergency rooms are turning people away. one hospital has set up outside tents to help with overflow p
on a comprehensive sandy aid package on january 15th. >>> president obama's choice for defense secretary is facing mounting opposition in congress. the president is expected to name former republican senator chuck hagel for the post. that's not sitting well with many of his gop colleagues. hagel is considered a moderate. the 66 year old criticized the iraq troop surge and also opposed sanctions on iran. hagel has made controversial comments in the past on the pro-israeli lobby and the gay community. >> he apologized for it. i think anyone that serves in my administration understands my attitude and position on those issues. >> chuck hagel would be the most antagonistic in our nation's history. >> hagel would oversee the winddown of troops in afghanistan. a war he first supported and then criticized. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is set to return to work today after a rough month of medical problems. clinton contracted a stomach virus early last month. she reportedly became dehydrated and fell hitting her head causing a severe concussion and during a follow-up exam, doctors found a blood cl
morning. controversial pick. president obama sets to nominate former republican senator chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense, a decision that is critics on both the left and the right. this morning, retired general stanley mccrystal weighs in, in a live interview. his first since he resigned amid controversy of his own. >>> alabama high school student is under arrest prepared for an attack against fellow students. a teacher uncovering the alleged plan in a notebook left in class. it was found at the suspect's home that has police even more worried. >>> and a father's concern. prince charles opens up about his son, harry's service in afghanistan. >> i worry every time. >> and he looks ahead to life as a grandfather "today," monday, january 7th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with is savannah guthrie live rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie, al roker and natalie morales. the gang is back together in a long time for a really long time. >> not since last year. >> that old t
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